Building Trust

One of the biggest compliments that you can receive is someone saying, “I can count on you.”  That means that they trust you, that you will be there when they need you.  What a fantastic accolade and one that you earn by being full-present every day.  it doesn’t have any shortcuts.  You can’t decide one day that you’re going to be trustworthy with someone and turn it on, and it will be there.  It takes time, diligence, a constancy of character, and dependability.  Day after day you give your best, you go the extra mile and show people that you’re supportive, positive, and able to turn things around.  If you have been the recipient of this compliment, then you have earned it, and likely continue to earn it.

How do you start earning trust with someone?  Read Stephen M.R. Covey’s book Leading at the Speed of Trust.  In that beautiful book, he talks about how to earn trust, how to earn back trust with someone whose confidence you have lost, how to trust someone you don’t believe and many other scenarios.  I want to challenge you today to take a look at the various trust levels in your own life, you to many others, and others back toward you.  Challenge yourself to develop those relationships further.

Yours for a Better Life,