Claim Your Victory

We have all had many victories in our life, but the one victory that can mean the most is to relentlessly let go of the past and press forward with your goals.  That means to pursue with persistence, and passion that which you want to claim for your life.  Identify those events of the past that are still hanging in there on the “regret” list, and dump them forever.  Recently, I was working on a project, when suddenly, and without notice, a past regretful event popped into my head.  I have no idea where it came from, but immediately, and without hesitation, I dumped it by saying, “I was a different person then.  I have grown much since then.  Cancel, Cancel.”  By becoming a soldier of your own thoughts and looking for the opportunities that will give you happiness and help you achieve your goals, you are working towards health and peace in your life.

Recently, I had a major opportunity to speak to a large group of property managers.  As I walked into the room full of confidence, greeting members and moving about socially confidence came over me. The type of confidence that says, “Get up there and seize this moment.  Hold their attention, entertain them, and do it all without any hesitation.”  I went up and gave one of my best performances because I was so sure that what I had to say, they wanted to hear.  It is time now, to go after those gremlins of the past that are soaking up your energy, sapping your confidence, and bring up past failures.  Cat Cora has a quote that I particularly like, “Take chances.  Mistakes are never a failure–they can be turned into wisdom.”  If we can identify our hesitancies, they frequently lie in the fear zone of our life experiences.

George Addair, says, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. ”  By taking time to focus on where we’re headed, without letting the past hold us back, we are addressing those fears from the past.  Rediscover your confidence, open up your possibilities by making a phone call, sharing a dream with a friend, attending a workshop and start unpacking your dream.  Karen Lamb says, “A year from now, you may wish you had started today.”  There isn’t the best time to start, just start.   I wish you the boldness to pursue your victory today.

Yours for a Better Life,