Develop a Vision for Victory

What do you see right now when you close your eyes?  Do you see the great things that are to come, or do you see the frustrations, the last disagreement, the disappointments that beset us all?  Today I am writing for both parents and kids to take a moment to Develop a Vision for Victory in your life.  I remind myself of this every day by imagining the word: SOAR.  It reminds me to reach up even when things are down, to push myself to the vision, the image that I have of my dream, my success, my victory in life.  It releases in me my faith and an expectancy to find something great in all that I do.  It creates energy in me when I begin to feel deflated a bit.

We have control over our attitudes and our outlook, but so often we let the day-to-day challenges defeat us, deflate us to the point where we forget to look for the joy, the gratitude and the victories in our life.  If you have a vision for victory then you pursue the day with enthusiasm, with an expectancy, a plan that has details and a point in the future that defines your life destiny.  I want to encourage you to let go of your old way of thinking.  For years I was in a difficult job with lots of ugly politics that pulled me down.  I didn’t realize it really, although from time to time my close friends would remind me that my attitude needed a tune-up!  A tune-up, I thought?  Well, that is a jolt, isn’t it?  Life gives us those nudges from time to time and we need to pay attention to them, otherwise, it will give us a bigger kick and maybe even a push before we wake up and say, OK, I’ve got this.

Regardless of what has happened to you, no matter the mistakes that you’ve made, grab this opportunity to Develop a Vision for Victory in your life.  What does it look like?  What clothes are you wearing?  What are you doing?  Who is with you?  How are you celebrating this accomplishment?  What other details can you add to help make this a strong image for you?  You can turn your setback around, and turn your past into victories by letting go of the past and creating your victory.

What does your Victory look like today?

Yours for a better life,