Dear 2019

As I continue to heal from knee surgery, I have had a terrific 2018 with a new book release, Making Sense of Life:  A Guidebook for Teens & Parents.  It is available on Amazon.com as a paperback, eBook, and Audiobook.  It will help those working with teens move forward in their relationships.  I used my 40+ years in education working with parents, kids, and families as a teacher and school administrator.    Today I am writing a Dear 2019 letter.  I hope that you enjoy it.

Dear 2019,

This year I will be confident and ready to be curious about new adventures.

I will push myself into those areas of hesitance where I lingered and hesitated before.

I will be courageous in my efforts to help others by using my gifts and recognizing theirs.

I will enjoy life by slowing my pace, focusing my thoughts on the sunsets, the moments, the rain, and the snow.

This year I will live a whole version of me there has ever been

Like a voyageur in the wilderness, sitting by a quiet campfire, ready, confident, yet comfortable in the moment


Me, a fellow traveler

By writing ourselves a letter stating what we want to have happened, what our ideal year looks like, we are, in effect, helping to set goals for ourselves.  I recommend reading it once a quarter and updating it as necessary.  I enjoy writing a letter about what I would like to see for the coming year.  I reread it at the end of the year to see how closely I upheld those plans.

We can lead ourselves if we take some time to put down what we want to have happened, assess where we are, and outline the steps needed to get there.  At times, I even decide, “Yes, that was important, but it no longer matters to me.”  Then write a new goal or statement to place yourself on track again.

For a great resource on writing yourself a letter, please see Future Me: Write a Letter to your Future Self

Closely related to Dear 2019 is having self-confidence, see my link here, Self Confidence – Dr. Rich Patterson (pattersonphd.com)


Yours for a Better Life,