Dear 2019

As I continue to heal from knee surgery, I have had a terrific 2018 with a new book release, Making Sense of Life:  A Guidebook for Teens & Parents.  It is available on as a paperback, eBook, and Audiobook.  It will definitely help those working with teens move forward in their relationships.  I used my 40+ years in education working with parents, kids, and families as a teacher and school administrator.    Today I am writing a Dear 2019 letter.  I hope that you enjoy it.

Dear 2019,

This year I will be confident and ready to be curious about new adventures.

I will push myself into those areas of hesitance where I lingered and hesitated before.

I will be courageous in my efforts to help others by using my own gifts and recognizing theirs.

I will enjoy life by slowing my pace, focusing my thoughts on the sunsets, the moments, the rain and snow.

This year I will live the fullest version of me there has ever been

Like a voyageur in the wilderness, sitting by a quiet campfire, ready, confident, yet comfortable in the moment.


Me, a fellow traveler