Desire is an interesting word.  There have been times in my life when I thought I really wanted to make something happen and when I got into it away, the desire just wasn’t there.  Has that happened to you?  You’re working on a goal that you have, say to lose weight.  You know you need to lose weight, it is obvious when you look in the mirror, your friends may have noticed, so you start about the task of losing it.  You really want to lose the weight but then one day you find yourself off track.  You think I’ll do better tomorrow, not bad thinking.  So tomorrow you start out with good intentions but before you know it a month has gone by you just aren’t getting anywhere.  What is going on?  Why does this happen?

There are several parts to personal motivation, but certainly one of the parts involves desire.  How much do you really want it?  Are you willing to give all else to achieve it?  Often we think that we’re really committed to something only to find out that we’re not.  A couple of points here are in order.  First, look at the goal and decide if you really want it.  Is it realistic?  Did you set your goals too high?  Could you break it down into smaller more achievable steps?  Second, decide if the goal is something that you want to deal with right now.  Maybe you have a lot going on and really staying with it is just not right for you now.  Then change the goal!  Take time to step back and decide that this may be something for later, not for now.

When a goal is achieved it creates a “new order” in your life.  That “new order” must be more important to you than the things that are distracting you, those lesser things in life that we tend to drift towards when we really don’t want to work on our goal.  In short, you have to really commit to getting to where you want to go.  We will visit this topic more, but leave me some of your thoughts on goals and making them work in your life.

Yours for a Better Life,