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We have been discussing the power of thought vibrations in the previous two posts and how your thoughts have vibrations that are similar to light and sound.  Some of which we can see and much of which we cannot.  Today I want to discuss how to make a conscious effort in bringing those thoughts about.  When we have a desire, something that we want to have happened in our lives, it is often a casual thought.  It is just something we think about once in a while, almost carelessly and without focus.  I had a conversation with a friend recently, and I asked her what her heart’s desire was.  She casually said, ‘Oh, they won’t ever come about.’  I pressed her for details, and she shared a magnificent vision for herself and her life.  Passive thoughts like these come and go without focus, without a positive force to them.  It is as if they have less of a frequency to them.  The higher the note on the piano, for instance, the higher the vibration or frequency.

It is the same with our thoughts.  When we sincerely desire that something happen in our lives, we give it more energy; we envision it with more and more detail, adding to the likelihood that it will happen, mainly if we do this over time.  When we continue to add detail to envision the results, we give it more life, a higher frequency, increasing the likelihood that it will come about in our lives.  The higher frequency thoughts have a way of making their path to the divine.  It is as if they can push aside the obstacles and make the changes happen that need to happen to make it a reality.  What visions do you have for your life?  Do you casually sweep them aside, or can you give them a push?  When we add some detail and think of it in favorable terms, knowing that it will happen and even expecting it this moment, we push the frequency or vibration to a higher level.

This continuance adds momentum and energy to the extension of the original impulse.  I suggest starting with simple things of no great consequence, but still, you wish to have happened in your life.  Maybe you’re going to go somewhere where parking is at a premium.  Tell yourself that when you pull into the area where you want to park, someone will be leaving at the precise time you need a place to park.  One will open up.  In our downtown area of my town, parking is difficult.  I use this process all the time, starting the vision right when I am pulling out of my driveway.  More times than not, a parking place opens up just as I arrive directly in front of the building that I’m going to enter.

I challenge you today to examine your thoughts and give more attention to those important to you.  Push away those thoughts that are negative or have undesirable consequences and add some detail to the ones that will enhance your life.  Pay attention this week and leave me thoughts about what worked for you.

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