Enlarge Your Vision

What is your expectation of life?  I mean, do you feel your best days are behind you or do you expect your vision to engage?  What can you do to make this happen?  These are questions we will explore quickly in this post.  New victories await your attention every day.  They bounce off of us like atoms–we just choose to ignore them.  What if we took a bit of time to just sit quietly with ourselves for twenty minutes, and listen to the direction we’re being given, we will find that ideas come to us every day.  This is a practice that I do every morning during a ten-minute meditation, at the end of the meditation, I sit quietly for another ten minutes and just ask that my vision is enlarged today.

You will get better at this as you practice it.  The first ten minutes I use an app called Calm.  With a subscription, you will receive a ten-minute meditation every day with a different focus.  It includes some quiet time and some guided practice.  Once it is finished just let the app close on its own and begin your own practice of continuing your focus of enlarging your vision.  You can attain new levels of victory, but not if you’re not expecting them, looking for them.  You have to believe, here comes that faith piece again, you have to have faith that you will be guided to do this.  Why not try it?  Is what you’re doing now working so well?  Likely not, so give it a try, just believe that the universe, God, your breath, whatever resonates with you now will guide you to what you need to see.

You will have sabotaging thoughts.  Those negative bombardments that just creep in and tell you why you can’t do this.  Cancel them.  Ignore them.  Replace them with something higher, or transmute them to a higher level of consciousness (a discussion for another time).  In order to defeat them, you must stay focused on the fact that you are entitled to have a larger vision, achieve greater things, and more yourself to higher ground.  Constantly keep your larger vision with you.  Do not allow even one negative thought to slip through.  Once you are given a larger vision, begin to take those first steps.  They can be very small ones, but just start and you will find additional support from your faith as you continue.

When I was working on my Ph.D. dissertation I had a saying that really kept me going.  It was, “Everyday Advance.”  One of my friends saw that and said to me, “I didn’t realize you were so compulsive.”  I told him why I had it posted everywhere and that it kept my focus on the one thing that mattered, completing my dissertation.  What I found was that some days I had only a little time to punch an article and place it in the correct notebook, or to scan something to a file.  Other days I could work 12 hours uninterrupted.  Either day, I was moving forward.  So it is with your thoughts and enlarging your vision.  Just start with what you get and start to move on it, continue to hold that vision and watch it grow and your ideas right along with it.

Try it, what have you got to lose?  Then leave me a comment about your outcome.

Yours for a Better Life,