Speak Toward Your Vision

We have been talking about Vision and making a plan for what you want out of life.  If you’re going to develop that vision into reality, you must align your thoughts, your speech toward that Vision.  Most likely, the biggest culprit for sabotage is the self-talk that we allow in our minds.  What does it hurt?  No one but us hears it. Besides, I know it isn’t true.  No, you can’t even allow one negative thought to distract or add to any doubt as to whether you can achieve your Vision or not.

As we grow towards our goal and make decisions with faith and persistence, we have the opportunity to “connect” with those sources that we have no answers.  Those sources that we need in our life to move us forward, but that aren’t there right now.  When we move with this confidence and this caution as to what we think, we draw those unnamed sources.

It is the law of the universe, but you must watch your pollution. Those things that create doubt destroy our persistence, those friends that don’t hold our same enthusiasm.  By creating a watch guard attitude toward our thinking and those around us, we move with greater faith that what we want to have happened will happen. Being positive when things are going well is easy for all of us.  The real test of character is when you can be positive when things are not going so well.

So consider today, how is your self-talk?  Does it align with what you want to have happened?  Do you make doubtful comments to yourself, like this probably won’t happen?   Remain vigilant toward all your thoughts and those around you to ensure that they align with your Vision.  Speak the language of your image without any doubts or indecision.  Be confident and more with a renewed strength.  People will look at your and say, “What’s up with you? Where are you getting all this energy and positiveness?”

If they are negative, say to them, “I don’t think that way”  or “I’m sorry, that’s not me.”  “I’m sorry, I won’t do that.”   Express your dreams and desires by ensuring that what you speak, even just to yourself, aligns with what you want for your life.  We have more control over this than we realize, and it is much more important than most of us want to admit.

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Yours for a Better Life,