Heart Is The Center

Your heart is your center, not your brain where all the chatter is, protect your heart because out of it flows your destiny.  If you are struggling with forgiveness, past wrongs, why did this happen type thoughts that are in your heart?  They live there like thorns creating chronic pain and regret.  I have a friend who was fond of saying, “If you touch a cactus and get those little thorns in your finger, you have to ask for help to get them out.”  We think we can get them out ourselves or that they don’t matter that much.  I have another friend who says, “I don’t think about them, and they go away.”  Ah, but they don’t go away, they hold us back and can cause us to miss our destiny.

The goodness in your heart will not be able to be brought into the world to grow and prosper with the troubles in your heart.  Some people purposefully try to place thorns in others.  Sometimes it isn’t on purpose but may be done with envy, jealousy, and stress.  Don’t let them in and don’t allow those barbs to stay with you.  Cast them out with a visual of throwing them in the lake.  Replace them with forgiveness and new energy that says; I will not miss my destiny because of this incident or problem.  When we get in the habit of doing that and then move on, we keep our heart guarded.  By guarding your heart, you don’t allow those falsehoods and hurts to take root.  They cannot grow because you carry your sunshine.  Inside you have your confidence, your plan, and your blue sky day regardless of what is around you.

Don’t allow discouragement, disappointments, or rudeness of others to bring you down.  Even when things are going poorly and the outlook seems gloomy, begin by letting go of those hurts and seeing them cast away.  Keep the sunshine in your life and hold your image of who you are and where you are going.  I wish you the strength to guard your heart and to follow it in your life.

Yours for a Better Life,