Mastery of Self – 2

We have been discussing the Mastery of Self and how we can be conscious creators of our existence.  You may not be ready to take responsibility for things in your life at this personal level.  To acknowledge that our life is by our design goes against the grain of many an individual.  They will cite tragedies, life events and assure you that they did not create them nor draw them to their life.  Indeed, some of life’s dealings are difficult, if not impossible, to explain.  We do not know for sure.  But play with me a bit and try to create some of the desirable things that you want in your life.  When you are tempted to act on lower impulses that do not align with who you want to be, repeat the phrase, “I am a Master of Self.”  Say it aloud while you drive your car and visualize what that means in your life.

It isn’t arrogance, nor is it ego, although a watchful eye ensures that it doesn’t become that leading you away from your center.  I used to fear that certain behaviors would have control over my life and then unconsciously allow them to develop in my mind to the point of really worrying that I had no control.  Nonsense!  You are a Master of Self; you have control over what you think and need to guard against the mirage of thought pollution that exists all around.  They are subtly present in television ads, internet ads, others’ uncontrolled tongues, and the like.  Hear them, identify them, and filter them out as false.  You don’t have to correct everyone you hear, only silently and to yourself, say, that is not true, and I don’t believe that for myself.

Fix your mind on your higher thoughts and draw ideas from them.  What are the possibilities?  If you feel yourself getting angry, for example, catch yourself, stop and remind yourself that as a Master of Self, that behavior is not a part of who you are in life.  Push yourself with the courage to act calmly when you want to blow a cork.  When you feel jealousy creeping in, laugh to yourself and think of your higher mastery of self.  Push yourself to be better than you have ever been.  It is a mental gymnastics exercise that takes place regularly in your head.  Eventually, you will find peace and clarity of self that you have never known.

I will write more on this, but meanwhile, please write to me some of your thoughts from reading this.  Share some of your stories.

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