Dr. Rich Patterson

On Being Ordinary

 I am asking you to consider if you live your life like ordinary people?  When we are a part of a group, it is easy to become just like them.  Everyone is like this Mom, all my friends dress this way, or have this attitude.  Rather than being ordinary, be extra-ordinary, dare to be different.  Be yourself, not like others.

 When we adopt the attitudes, behaviors, dispositions, and behaviors of others we aren’t being ourselves, we are an imitation.  Now, I’m not saying this is easy, far from it.  It takes a strong person to be themselves despite people mocking them or saying bad things about them.  You must be uncommon to hold true to who you really are.  To whom you been taught to be, to adopt the higher road.

 When I was younger I felt like I had to please people, but when I did, I always felt like I betrayed myself.  My energy and the solid feelings about myself seemed like it drained away. As we face those that are against us, our opposition, we must keep our belief in ourselves, to not lost heart.  Unfriendliness can be a type of opposition can’t it?  Unfriendliness takes place throughout our lives. 

 But now I think of it differently than when I was younger.  It used to bother me, I thought that I needed to please everyone.  I could do something great and have 10 people tell me how good it was and have one person say something negative and I would concentrate on that one negative comment, disregarding all the other 10. 

Now I look at it more clearly.  I listen to my critics and decide if it is true, is it something I need to work on, and move one.  Mostly, I know my heart and I know if something is true and just move on.  When I read or hear some criticism of me I just move on doing my best and staying true to my course in life. 

 It may take years and years, such as your education.  It is a long process and often it seems like it will never end.  But stick with it, it will pay off.  Believe, make a resolve, think acceleration, find higher ground, know that your self-discipline to make it happen, your determination will help you to find higher ground.  This process of struggling creates more capacity in us to make things happen.   

 You need to press through those thoughts of doubt, press through your circumstances, press through your obstacles until you reach your goal.  Know that you will reach your goal and your destiny.

 All those add up to a strength that goes beyond ourselves.  It is like building up a bank account.  By doing your best, pushing yourself to go beyond what you know you can do, being good to others, that account builds up over time. 

 Let me know your thoughts, comments, struggles and applications by posting below.




Dr. Rich Patterson