Overcome Resistance

Sometimes life feels like a football game.  For example, you are working hard, and bam, you get hit with a comment from a colleague. When we think we’re starting to move forward, the car needs repair, or we have an illness that takes us down for a while.  I’ve heard it said that life was never meant to be a struggle, but it doesn’t seem like that is correct.  How do you deal with resistance and obstacles in your life?

I believe that the soul is continually working to reach a higher understanding of life and needs to reach up toward higher consciousness.  But, then that doesn’t happen, what then?  It is essential to continue doing what you know is proper, authentic, and will positively reflect yourself and others.  We can overcome any obstacle that we face through faith.  Now I’m a faith-based person, so if you’re not, you can skip this part. Trust in God will lead us to that higher ground that we seek, even though it seems out of sight at the time.

Even though we feel like we’re getting beat down by others, situations, and circumstances, pressing forward by doing what you know is your next step.  Be gentle with yourself and others; cut them a little slack because you don’t know what they’re going through.

I have a friend who has a son that appears completely normal, yet he struggles with many issues that I’ve never faced.  On the surface, it is so easy to criticize him and say he is lazy or he doesn’t want to work.  By getting to know him and what he faced every day, I realized he was a hero.  The medical issues that he had would overwhelm most people.  When more awareness of the other person, rather than ourselves and the offense we’ve experienced, we have a heart of gratitude.

Even if it is non-verbally, we approach them with a softness and a genuine interest in learning more about them.  The benefit of a heart of gratitude gives us a Teflon coating for the various forms of resistance we face in life.

Speak victory over your life, have a few sayings that you use to keep yourself focused and resistant to the struggles of life.  I like to use, “This is only temporary. You can’t get to where you need to go without the struggle.”  When I repeat this to myself, I can pick up and go on with my confidence, my love for others knowing that I am better than this particular situation.  I also use the line from the movie, Geostorm, “You can’t relive the past; all you can do is face what’s next.”  That helps me move on and leave an incident, issue, mistake, or problem behind and be strong in the future.

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No matter what comes your way, stay on track and realize that you can and will get through what life has to deal with you.

Yours for a Better Life,