Parenting on Purpose: Display Your Personal Best

In the past few days we’ve been talking about the choice we have to ignore our circumstances and choose to be our best.  Today I would like to offer simply, Display Your Personal Best.  When things start to close in around us, the computer starts malfunctioning, financial obligations are piling up, things that need replacing are breaking, the kids are being difficult, your significant other is making demands.  You know the feeling, when you just wonder, what on earth is this all about?

I want to say simply, Display Your Personal Best.  If you are able to display your personal best in spite of your woes, burdens, and circumstances, then you are of a higher frequency for that time in which you can hold on to a higher attitude, a higher flying disc.  We can latch on to those low flying thoughts, the ones that are there anyway just waiting for our attention.  The ones that as soon as we embrace them with a sigh, or a good grief, or worse, then we’re attached to them and they follow us around like a dark cloud.  Those difficult moments in which we need to be strong, truly, only last for awhile.  If we can be strong in them, then we will find that things will begin to open up for us.

Well, Rich, what do you mean?  Open up?  You don’t know my situation, or my addiction, I’ve had it for years, my family all has trouble with this.  No, simply choose to attach to a higher flying disc, a higher source of energy by Displaying Your Personal Best.  Why not?  If people, who know you, see that you’re doing that, it will have a positive effect on them as well.  The difference is in the person, not the picture, not the surroundings, not the woes, it is the person, the choice that you have.  And that person is you, and you have a choice to simply choose to be better than your current difficulties dictate.

It requires constant calibration, as I spoke about in the blog on 08/15/18.  We have to watch our attitude, that bad attitude will sneak up on you and you often won’t even notice it.  When you do, or when someone points it out to you, act immediately to adopt to be your personal best, you will be much more happy and so will those around you.  Talk with your child about this today and offer some stories from your own life that show its application.  You’ll see a big difference in them, you and your relationship.

Yours for better parenting,