Dr. Rich Patterson

Peaceful Sunset Evening

As I sit on my deck at 8,600 ft., watching the sunset on a beautiful May evening

I realize how wonderful it is to be quiet, peaceful, and calm.

No striving, no pushing, producing, accountability, simply experiencing life as intended.

I close my eyes and begin to settle into meditation.


I hear a bird with a distinct click sound flying in the space when off in the distance.

Her sound becomes louder and louder as she passes right by me

I open my eyes, and quickly she is gone off into the east.

I close my eyes again and settle in, enjoying the quiet

I hear a Morning Dove with her haunting call that I find so very wonderful

Her ring is unique, making it uniquely hers as it is missing the last note of a regular call

Much like us, I think, uniquely different and worth celebrating, holding on to without comparison

Just as I am gaining some peace, a jet plane flies over the horizon and quickly fades into the north


The peace comes again more quickly, and I feel myself sinking into the silence.

A Ruby-Throated Hummingbird starts flying as high as he can go straight up.

Then he dives bombs straight down with his wings buzzing from the speed

I feel his energy in my third chakra – the color is yellow and a chakra that I’ve had challenges with

I take in his energy absorbing it peacefully into my being and asking for balance with all the others


Then another jet plane flies over the horizon, so high that it disappears quickly.

The morning dove sings her unique song once again, and the peace settles in for a while.

The hummingbird is still going at it but getting ready to settle down for the evening.

I hear the morning dove sing but with much less frequency of her song

Still, another jet flies over the horizon off in the distance and is gone

I release my cares, my worries with the planes as they pass away, carrying my troubles off to the stratosphere


Silence settles in yet again, and I hear the Morning Dove sing a couple more times, and then silence completely covers everything.

The birds have settled in for the evening, not worried about a thing.

They aren’t worried about tomorrow, food, or where they will sleep tomorrow night.

They settle in to stay warm for the cold evening to come, snuggling no doubt with each other.

Morning Doves mate for life, and if you see one, you will see her mate right with her.

Just like many of us seek in our lives

Then things break apart and go flying in all directions, sometimes

But no, not for the birds.

They still go on without their mate, should something happen

As I watch the sun sink into its resting place for the night, I feel the cool air in the mountains

It is evening and time to relax and recharge, time to regenerate our confidence and our peace

I enjoy learning about my life from the birds and all the animals

May God be in their hearts like he is in ours, but I doubt that they worry about that.

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Enjoy the peace, my friends~!