Personal Freedom – 2


In the previous post I began a discussion about Personal Freedom.  I wrote that by being ourselves and choosing our goals and expressions we begin to liberate our soul from the burdens of judgement and opinion that frequent our lives.  But there is another limitation of Personal Freedom and that is fear.  When we learn to freely express who we really are, we feel so much better about what we’re becoming and how we interact in the world.  I have a friend in Toastmasters, a speaking and leadership organization, who truly is so free about who she is, how she speaks, how she feels about things.  It is so refreshing and exhilarating to be around her because there is always something fresh and spontaneous about her.

She us unbounded by fear and isn’t concerned about what others think or feel about her self being her self.  I love that and whenever I see her from week to week I am reminded to find that for myself.  Fear or failure, fear of others’ opinions about use trying to be better, or just fear that comes from our own inner judgement may be one of the most difficult Personal Freedom limitations.  There are many fears with which we deal on a daily basis, political, power, money, bosses, or just fear that we may make a mistake or not do something perfectly. These and other issues interrupt our lives over and over and cause us to let go of our dreams and the real us.  But in order to attain the ranks of people who truly love their lives and lead others in the world, but must address our fears one by one.

I was raised with a need to conform with those around me.  It really never felt completely right for me and I often struggled with the “how to do this properly” attitude and procedure.  I was frustrated and confused about who I was and how to offer the real me to the world.  Those very fears also give us structure within which to live.  We complain about them, if we recognize them at all, but in truth, if they were lifted we would feel a vastness that would paralyze us.  We often give up our dreams in order to pursue something more comfortable and guaranteed.

A couple of years ago I was asked to give a five-minute speech about myself to an audience.  I found it difficult to even think about what to say.  I thought and thought about it and decided that I was a percussionist, a drummer and that has been the central tendency in my life.  So I wrote the speech and titled it, “All I Ever Wanted to do Was Play Drums”.  After I wrote it, I thought, yes, that is true, that is it, but why didn’t I do that?  I can say that I still play today, that I’ve played with many genres of music and musicians, but not that I make a living playing the drums.  In short, it was fear.  I listened to others who say, “that is a tough life, you should do something more safe.”  Or “You better have a backup because that may not work.”  It got me to thinking and compromising my own dreams and goals.

I tell this story to point out how fear is another part of Personal Freedom worthy of examination in your own life.  How does it limit your dreams?  Has it changed or compromised your thinking to the point that you’ve become something that isn’t what you planned?  Examine these more closely and begin to look at how to get back to your center, back to the real joy that is you.  Here is what I know,  When you disallow fear as a factor in your life, you begin to more into areas that are more in alignment with your destiny.

Yours for a better life,