Personal Freedom – 3


We have been discussing the importance of Personal Freedom in our lives.  In the first post I wrote about the oppressions from others and social media.  In the second post I wrote about fear and how fear of others’ opinions, or even our self-doubts cause us to miss our destiny.  In this final post on this series of Personal Freedom, I would like to discuss how to stay the course. 

To achieve Personal Freedom we must master ourselves.  By examining our motivations for doing things, or just asking, “What is the purpose?”  we can help to redirect our intentions toward that which is us.  By monitoring our self-talk and thoughts we then stay on track to expressing how we feel and want the world to know us.  It is so familiar to be slotted by race, gender, sexual preference, position, education, leadership abilities.  These limitations cause so many to miss their destiny.  

I had a mentor who once challenged me to ask myself the question about, “What is the purpose?”  It came to light when I was going to do something and I asked myself that question first.  I couldn’t answer the why of it and decided that I was merely complying with what I thought was social order rather than being myself.  I ended up not doing it and life has moved on just fine.  It felt good to be true to myself, to stay my course.  It give us a chance to think about what we want to do, about how to express ourselves more in alignment with our destiny.  When we rid ourselves of our judgements and guilt, we liberate our soul to bring forth then that which we wanted to discover all along.  Questions like, Who Am I?  What Can I Bring to this World?  What are My Unique Gifts?

By answering these with an eye toward our highest good, we stay true to our Freedoms and not those of others.  Here is what I know, I feel best when I am leading the rest with my ideas and thoughts freely interacting without restrictions.  Leave me a comment below on your experience with the topic of Personal Freedom.

Yours for a Better Life,