Personal Freedom

I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.

Mahatma Gandhi

What is that innate desire to express ourselves freely and confidently, vibrant and purposeful to all of humanity?  I think that may be the personal freedom that we all seek.  Achieving it seems to be challenging at times.  We see our dreams, our desires, we know that inner pulling toward things that only we can see uniquely, yet something holds us back.  We so easily get caught up in the opinions of others that we lose ourselves.  We can sit and complain and tell how things should be, yet we cannot change ourselves.

In essence, we lose out on our greatness because of restrictions from others, either perceived or real.  But do we need to live this way?  Is this our essence?

When we choose a goal or a project to bring about in the world, we unleash our vitality, our excitement and passion come to life.  We feel liberated, and we instantly know that this is something that feels right for us.  So often, fears of others’ opinions limit our confidence, and we comply and become a day-to-day robot handling unhappy and unfulfilled.  We may be going through the motions, but quickly we find it isn’t easy to keep going. We are drudging from one task to another.

It doesn’t have to be that way. However, we can recognize the domination that living under others’ expectations and opinions has on our gifts to live here on the planet.

When I experience Personal Freedom, I feel inspired, dedicated, accessible, and flow with my life sync.  When you plug your phone into your PC at home or work, it syncs the calendar and other events to your phone, ensuring that everything is in alignment.  When we begin to recognize the joy of being ourselves, we feel a sense of freedom that says we can do this, that we can live by our wit and imagination.  It is then that we truly begin to discover the contributions we can make to the world that are innately ours and no one else’s.

Think about when you felt perfect, happy without any anxiety.  How long ago was it?  You can go back to being yourself, and when you do, you will feel an abundance that feels like you’re on a mission.  That mission is you, and only you can complete it in your way, with your thoughts, energy, mistakes, missteps, and successes given.  Today I want to encourage you to look at some of the social repressions in your life.  Look at work, at home, in your relationships, friendships, social media outlets, all of them, and begin to weed the garden.

Make some changes by telling others that you need to be you and room to move forward freely in your life.  Here is what I know, By doing this, you will find your whole personality and the joy it brings to your life.

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Yours for a better life,