Positive or Negative

We are either positive or negative, with everyone with whom we meet.  Think for a moment about all the people with whom you meet on any given day. You see your significant other, your children, maybe the neighbor, and all of them before you even leave the house.  You walk into work and greet and see several other people on your way to your work location.  We are optimistic to many of these people and pessimistic to many others.  There may be someone whom you have had some problems with in the past.  There may be someone who is your boss, and you are more cautious with them.  We have the power to raise the level of our thoughts to something positive.  It takes a conscious decision to leave behind the differences, shortcomings, and variable relationships you have had with someone and make the relationship positive.

There are more people on the negative level of thought than on the positive one.  If that is so, then more negative thoughts floating around can affect our mental atmosphere.  There is good news on the horizon:  Positive thoughts are infinitely more powerful than negative thoughts.  We can shut out our own or others’ negative thoughts by changing our channel.  You may think of something positive that makes you smile.  A photo perhaps of a little one, like the one above.  But you may say, no, Dr. Rich, it isn’t as simple as “stop thinking about it” or “focus on the positive.”  Having some negative thoughts are perfectly normal.  Yes, normal.  It only becomes a problem when you allow it to take up most of your time.  Positive thoughts are more powerful than negative ones.  Think of the negative thoughts as having a low frequency, one that vibrates so slowly.  Then think of positive thoughts as vibrating at a high frequency, very fast.  They easily overcome negative thoughts.

But still, we need to dig deeper.  When negative thought patterns seem to govern, find out where they are coming from so you can understand them in better detail.  Kids struggle with this very often daily.  They are good at covering up the struggle, but the battle can take over if our parents don’t pay attention. I want to encourage everyone to stay aware of these various breeding grounds for negativity:

  1. The negativity of the world
  2. Negative people
  3. Negative thoughts (ours or those around us)
  4. The Negative State of the World

In the course of your day, sort through the bombardment of negative thoughts and let go of those over which you have no control.  You have a choice of whether to worry about the election or the environment.  You may not have much choice with the people and things that seem negative, but you can choose your reaction.  Bringing this suggestion into your life will take some work, but it will give you the freedom to help others with their struggles.  That is always worth it.

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