Your Thought Vibrations

Do your thoughts have any power?  I mean, they are your thoughts, and you are thinking them silently, so does it matter?  Do they do anything except amuse you?  We know that laws govern the universe and that one law is the Law of Gravitation.  But what about the vibrations that thoughts send out? If you want to try something fun that will work, over half of the time, try this.  You’re in line at the checkout stand to pay for your items, and the person in front of you has their back to you, also waiting to pay for their items while yet another person is paying.  Start by focusing on their back with the thought that says, “Turn around and look at me.”  Hold this intention strongly for a minute, or so, and frequently they will do exactly that, turn towards you a little and glance.  Crazy!  What is that?  It is the power of thought.

Thoughts matter, they bring about intentions, many of the things which we do not want to bring about.  Thoughts are a force; they are a focus of energy that will bring the change that you wish to your life.  Stephen R. Covey, in his landmark book The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, tells a great story about the power of thought.  He speaks of many that went to see his family practice doctor for an illness that he couldn’t describe.  The doctor examined him and found nothing wrong with him, but the doctor gave him an unusual prescription.  He asked the man where his favorite place was?  The man quickly said, ‘oh, the beach.  We used to go there as kids and play.’  The doctor told him to go to the beach and spend the day, except he wasn’t to take anything with him.  No radio, no music and he weren’t to speak to anyone, just find a place to sit quietly and think.  The rest of the story makes Stephen’s point about focusing on oneself, but it also points to the power of thought.  The man had answered some deep questions that he had about himself and his happiness.  How valuable!

What’s my point?  When we think we send out vibrations to the celestial, the heavenly, which has light, heat, and magnetism, that can be measured.  We cannot see them, nor are we even aware of them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  If you know someone who is peculiarly sensitive to others’ impressions, they can accurately sense these powerful thought waves, and I can testify that I have felt the thoughts of others many times.  Telepathy is a well-documented gift, but one that all of us can learn to use more effectively.  When we take inventory of our thoughts, ensuring that they align with what we want to have happen, not what we’re worried about, then we will discard many random things that find their way into our consciousness.

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