Reflecting on Our Thoughts

As a young person, I was all about doing things, being active and getting things done. Today, now that I am older, I enjoy time to just think, to just sit peacefully and reflect on my thoughts.  It is so enjoyable to take time to check-in with yourself.  I find that when I do that, I discover that I’ve had a period of negative thoughts, or that I’ve been frustrated by something.  It allows me to take a course correction and catch myself thinking lower thoughts. Esther Hicks writes about how the mind alone has the power to bring you opportunities.  Esther and her husband Jerry has worked in the thought field for many years.

Here are a few of Esther Hicks quotes:

“Look around less, imagine more”

“Life is always in motion, so you cannot be stuck”

“If you want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon”

These three quotes and many more are a part of her book and album called Into the Vortex.  Let’s take the third one, “If you want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon.”  When we take time to check our thoughts we may find that we’ve been concentrating on exactly what we do not want to happen.  Maybe it is the frustration with something, or a situation that you’re not happy with that is causing you to think negatively.  Reflect on that and turn it around.  What is your ideal outcome?  Paint the picture of that outcome in great detail.  Add more color and features to it during the day.  Imagine it, expect it to happen and prepare to be surprised when it does happen.  When we turn out thoughts around we help the energy around those thoughts to bring good things to us, not the difficulties that we’re expecting.

Work today to increase the quantity and quality of your good thoughts.  Think of possibilities, health, vacations, ideas for your job, family and with your faith.  By getting in the habit of reflecting on our thoughts we can make a simple change in our lives that is immediate, prominent, and timely.  I challenge you today to begin the process of self-reflection.

Yours for a Better Life,