Restoration Mentality

Many experiences in life fall short.  Many interactions should have gone better, either on our part or that of others.  But, what if I said that we’re here to experience and keep our center, to keep our faith and experience the many things in life over which we have no control?  How would that sit with you?  The most important aspect of living in the experience, the faith and holding on to our center.  To watch the coming and goings of anger, envy, jealously, defeat, loss, but also the celebrations of family, holidays, and the love of others towards us and us to them.  There are many things in this life over which we have no control can be stolen from us.  If we can hold on to our beliefs that this will pass, the reward will be ours; this is a restoration mentality.  All losses, mistakes, and shortcomings will be restored to a fresh and peaceful outlook.  It may not happen in our lifetime, but through faith, it will happen.  Restoration mentality is a process of letting things go, of letting them be as they may.

The key to a restoration mentality is to hold on to the outlook that things will change to our benefit and see things turn around and be restored.  Have a strong will and allow the many ill-thought-out words that bathe us every day just to be given to the wind.  The Stoics of Athens during the third century knew this.  They knew that words and actions all blow away with the wind.  That so much of what we hold on to that is incomplete or hurtful is gone, even during our lifetime, but for sure after we are gone.  Hold on to your determination and do everything you can to restore what you have lost–have a restoration mentality.  The obstacles that we have in our lives are opportunities to see things differently.  They give us a chance to stop and reassess what is happening.  They frequently give us a chance to go in a new direction.

We are reluctant, hesitant, and sometimes downright obstinate because we don’t want to deal with change right now.  But, when we take time to breathe, stop, re-examine the situation, we give it a fresh look and a restoration mentality.  Pick something out in your life today to restore and move in a new direction.  Please write it down and carry it with you for the day.  Think about it and move to possibility thinking.  Restore yourself.

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