Take Responsibility for your Attitude

It is much easier to push responsibility for our attitude to our circumstances and those around us.  In many ways, your attitude aligns with being happy.  You hear people say quite often, “She made me mad” or “If my parents would have . . . ”  The fact is that happiness is our responsibility.  It isn’t those around you, your spouse, significant other, or your friends’ responsibility to put nor keep you in a good mood.

The same with our attitude; it is ours and ours alone to check once in a while.

When we’re in a bad mood or having difficulty with someone or a situation, stop and ask ourselves, what do I need right now to get a hold of myself?  I find that often what I need is a break.  I might take a walk or sit for a while and meditate or relax. Other times I notice that I have been pushing myself too hard and not giving myself time to settle for a bit. When you wake up and feel crabby like Charlie Brown used to say sometimes, take a minute to self-examine from where it is coming.

With just a little attention to yourself, you will be able to remove those weaknesses. These vulnerable areas self-identify when we take time to find them.

When we decide to choose the right attitude daily, everything and everyone around us seems to improve magically.  I had a mentor who could catch my bad mood like radar in high school.  I didn’t even have to speak to him or look at him, and he knew I needed a tune-up.  He would look at me and say, “take time to find your soul.”  It was a gentle reminder that my attitude was noticeable and needed attention.

The phrase that you choose doesn’t matter; it just needs to be a reminder to take charge of yourself and not predicate your attitude on those around you circumstances.

Stephen R. Covey, in his landmark book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, says, “Carry Your Weather.”  I like that because the visual part of the statement is so substantial.  Whether it is raining, snowing, or just very windy outside, inside, you have a bright sunshiny day going on.  Don’t rely on what is happening around you to determine who you are to others.

Carry your attitude and be responsible for it, regardless of the circumstances.  It is a life skill that will serve you always.

In one position that I had as a college administrator, I worked on a large team, and there were lots of meetings.  One day, one of our team members commented that I was always up and spot-on, uplifting their spirits when I spoke to them.  I so enjoyed that comment because that would not have been saying about me a few years earlier.  I had been taking responsibility for my attitude, and evidently, people noticed because it showed.

I can’t think of a better gift to give your child or those around you than to make a mutual commitment to help each other with this habit for success.

Part of Taking Responsibility for Your Attitude is recognizing that it needs adjustment.  Read here, Recognize that Attitude Needs Daily Alignment – Dr. Rich Patterson (pattersonphd.com)

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Yours for a better life,