Talk About the Positives

As I look back on my life, I realize that most of what I was concerned about either didn’t happen at all or that everything turned out fine even if it wasn’t as I wanted it to be.  We can command ourselves to choose the positives, to think about the things we want to have happen rather than the things that worry us.  Try this sometime; when you’re going to a store that is traditionally difficult to find a parking place.  Before you leave you to decide that there will be a place and all during the trip you silently tell yourself a parking place will be available when you get there.  More times than not, you will find a parking place.  Now, you can say, how do you know there wouldn’t have been one there anyway?  You don’t, but by placing a positive slant to your energy, your outlook you increase the odds that there will be one available.

We can command ourselves to live in victory, not defeat.  Living in defeat is the default for our psyche.  It seems that if we don’t tend to our attitude and outlook, things can go south in a hurry.  A victory outlook says to us that no matter what has happened, no matter how things look, who said what, what your boss did, or how you feel about something, be encouraged that this means that something good is coming.  The difficulties in your life are placed there for a reason, even though it may not clear to us.  They are there to lead us to the good things that are coming.  For this to happen, we have to do our part and place our thoughts toward the good that is coming, toward what we want to have happen, rather than dwelling on what is already present.  It is all in our attitude and believe it or not; we have control over it.

We don’t often want to take ownership of that concept of controlling our outlook on things, but we do have control.  The default is the worry, anxiety, stress; why did this happen thoughts that overtake us.  No, stop those by talking about what you want to have happen and do it as if it has already happened.  Don’t speak words of frustration, defeat, and failure, speak words of victory.  If you struggle with this, begin to make the change by getting into the habit of thinking about what you’re grateful for right now.  Think of the good things in your life.  It may be your relationships, your possessions, a place to live, your food, the opportunities that you’ve had.  By getting into the habit of gratefulness, you help to create victory out of your defeats.

By taking about the positives in your life, you will experience a level of victory that you never experienced before.  It takes just as much energy to bring this about as the negative, and maybe even less.  Besides the result is much better.

Yours for a Better Life,