The Magic Four

What does it take for us to get things going and keep them going?  I mean there is so much written on motivation, inspiration, and rejuvenation, how do we condense it all down?  I believe that it comes down to the Magic Four.  Four things that, if you keep them fresh in your mind throughout the day, will make a big difference in the outcomes of your life.  What are those four things?  Persistence, Determination, Poise, and Self-Confidence.  Let’s take a look at them each individually in this three-part series.

Persistence may well be the most important of them all.  We all have such good intentions.  We sit down and tell ourselves that we want to do better, that we need to get things going.  So we write a list of goals or things to do, and we start on them.  Before we know it, we’re off track and sliding away from our objectives.  But what happened?  We had great intentions, and we meant it when we said we wanted to achieve them.  Yet, somehow, it just didn’t happen.  What we started with when we made our plans included will-power, but what we didn’t sprinkle into the mix was persistence.  Nothing can sustain the persistent drive to achieve, nothing.  You will succeed, but it will take the habit of following through in all of your plans with persistence.

If you are weak in persistence, as most of us are, surround yourself with friends that can support you in your efforts and you of them.  There are only two known elements in the entire universe, energy, and matter.  We know from science class that matter can be broken down into units of molecules, atoms, and electrons and that they can be analyzed and separated.  Energy from our mind is energy that, when applied in a spiritual nature, utilizes the second form of energy in a new way.  When you surround yourself with others that also need and can give support, we lend our spiritual energy to others and receive theirs in return.  We form a bond of sorts that helps drive persistence.  These emotions carry us either to success or misfortune, but rest assured that they involve our thoughts.

Anybody can make a plan, set goals, and put together a “to do” list, but only a few know that a definite plan plus the burning desire of persistence are the only dependable means for achieving long-desired goals.  I challenge our readers today to examine how persistent they have been in their life.  Set a goal right now, just one real specific goal and persistently pursue it for a month.  You will be glad you did.

Yours for a Better Life,