What Kids Need: Community Activities

Remember those “good kids” that participate in extracurricular activities?  41% of those same kids also participate in clubs and organizations outside of school, according to the Search-Institute of Minneapolis.  Take some time to find out that things are available in your community for kids.  They may want to join a club or an organization, participate in a community activity that helps senior citizens or cleans up an area once a month.  There are numerous opportunities, but the benefits are astronomical for kids.  They are with those “good kids” again, and they also have the opportunity to serve others.  When we teach kids to help others for one or more hours a week, we are teaching them to add value to others, to be grateful for what they have, and to help others better their lives.  What better message can we send than this?

As a young person, I participated in Boy Scouts, DeMolay, and several community activities within the community.  Some of them were once a year, and others several times a year.  It was always fun for me, and I met people that I would have never met without my involvement in helping others.  My dad volunteered to be our scout leader and led all of our meetings.  It was fun to see him in that role, and I still remember it today.  If transportation is a challenge, get with some other parents and carpool, so that you don’t have to drive them each time to the meetings.  You will see benefits in your child and will see them blossom in their excitement of helping others and adding value.

Yours for Better Parenting,