What Kids Need: Extracurricular Activities

It is a fact, supported by various studies that the kids who participate in extracurricular activities in school have greater resilience in life.  That resilience makes them able to bounce back when the going gets tough.  61% of those resilient kids participate in extracurricular activities.  What better kids to have your kids around those kids to participate in the clubs, sports, music, debate teams, dance teams, and the like that each school has to offer.  Offerings vary according to the school. I am willing to bet that most parents have no idea what clubs and activities are even offered in their child’s school.  There are foreign language clubs, ethnic clubs, math club, science clubs, all sorts of opportunities.  Take the time to visit your child’s school counselor and get a list of the clubs and activities for the current school year.  A quick email to your child’s teachers asking what clubs may be available in their content area.  Most of them meet after school; a few may meet before school, depending on the school’s starting time.  

When kids are involved in the clubs and activities of a school, they are with good kids.  Kids who do their homework, kids with ethical values, kids with persistence, determination, good integrity, and good character.  The right type of kids you want your kids to be involved with at school.  It is also essential that when a child selects an extracurricular activity that they stick with it, at least for the school year.  Staying with something and being willing to participate fully develops determination and persistence, which will serve them all their life.

Yours for Better Parenting,