Your Individual Power

Your Individual Power is the power of a vision.  To create in your mind such a strong vision of what you want, or want to have happened, to the point that you can see it, feel it, feel the victory, believe in the joy that it will bring you.  This is your individual power and it is easy to use and easy to sabotage.  Keeping it alive takes personal commitment and persistence.  In the last post, I wrote about persistence and the important role that it plays in making something that takes extraordinary effort come true.  We all have this power, but so often we give up just when things get a little tough.

John Maxwell, a leadership expert, says, “It’s all uphill.”  There are no shortcuts to claiming your individual power.  When an idea or goal comes into your mind, it quickly heads to your subconscious mind where it can have a short life unless you do a little mental warfare.  Your subconscious mind will sabotage it by comparing it to what it knows and if there isn’t any alignment, then doubt, negative statements, and discouragement are soon to follow.  Give your subconscious mind a new directive to operate.  When the negative thoughts like, “You can’t do that, you don’t have the skills or education,” some into mind, transmute the negative to a positive with your imagination.  Set your imagination to work with, “I know, but here’s how I imagine it.  Here is what success really feels like, this is how I’ll feel, this is how I’ll dress and talk to others about it.”  By paying attention to what you’re paying attention to, you help to transmute those old belief’s that will give you more of what you have to help discover the new belief.

When your understanding of your vision or idea can grasp your ability to visualize your desire then things will start to fall in place.  How often do we hear kids get discouraged right when they meet their first obstacle?  They say, it’s too hard, or the other kids are better than me, or I’m not _____ fill in the blank, tall enough, rich enough, talented enough–all of the above.  Help kids to get it right by understanding how to work with an idea, something long term and really make it come true.  Help them to understand the role of persistence, determination, vision, and holding their vision in their head each and every day.

Here’s what I know, When we hold a vision with such passion that nothing can destroy it, the universe, spirit, God, whatever your belief will make it come true.  The key is to stay with it and really believe in it to the point that all the other loose ends just simply fall in to place.

Yours for Better Parenting,