Expect Things to Change

Living a satisfied life is totally up to you, not your circumstances.  You can live satisfied, happy and with a restoration mentality or find all the injustices you wish.  Just because I say this, doesn’t mean that it will happen, as we well know.  We have to do our part.  If things are headed south in your life and the list of troubles, disappointments, and mistakes seem to be piling up, expect them to be restored.  Change your mentality to expect good things to come to you.  Catch yourself in the default, negative, aspects of life and change it, just expect good change to happen.  Be as positive as you can, strong-willed towards any negative thought, not even one negative thought can slip through.

If you think of the difficulties of life as teachers, as moments of change in your life, then they can become positive.  Now, I hear you saying, OK, but how do I make a positive out of a negative relationship, or not having enough money in my bank account?  What if you stay like you are?  Is it serving you well right now?  No, turn it into the positive, simply expect to be “paid back” so to speak for those short-comings, those arguments where you lost your cool, and those mistakes.  You have complete control over how you choose to see things.  As I sit here recovering from knee surgery I learned very quickly that I can concentrate on the leg pain I am experiencing, but it doesn’t make it better, in fact, it amplifies it to the point that I can hardly stand it.

I am a faith-based person, so if you’re not, you can skip this or substitute your belief system.  I simply give the pain to God and ask that he handle it.  I find my mind going back and forth like a tug-of-war between letting go of it and owning it.  When I try to own it, as if I really want it, the pain gets worse.  For the minutes that I can give it to God, it gets better.  I’ve been working with this tug of war for some time now and I can keep it in the faith zone more than not.  In fact, usually, it isn’t until someone close to me asks me how my leg pain is that I even realize that I haven’t noticed it in several hours.

What is that?  It is us doing our part to expect change, expect good things to be coming and to view our difficulties as opportunities to deepen our character.  Here’s what I know, “If you look for the stepping stones to a higher understanding, they will appear.  If you look for the negative and the obstacles, they will also appear.”  It is almost as if we can determine what we see in life.  Well, we can!!

Yours for a better life,