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As I have been writing in the previous post, when we think, we set vibrations into motion that can either benefit us or bring about what we do not want.  Just as there are frequencies that the human ear cannot hear, and there are light waves that the eye cannot see, thought vibrations can help deliver our hearts’ desires. We are sending out these thoughts all the time in a constant fashion.  We’re always thinking about something.  My wife and I can sit together and talk and pause without notice.  But as soon as I start to think of something, she notices and asks me what I’m thinking.  It is as if she can sense the change in frequency, that somehow it seems too focused and distant to her.

Thoughts can reproduce themselves, which can bring about what we hope for in our hearts.  When we monitor our thoughts and keep them focused, we are “holding our image,” as my mentor Paul Martinelli is fond of saying.  By holding our image, we see ourselves in some future state with something we desire as a finished product.  That we already own it and are using it.  Our health, life, and current state of things are mostly a product of what we have thought it to be.  Often we are not aware of those thoughts.  We spend far too much time and energy on something that we would never want to have happened, thus adding to the possibility of making it so in our lives.

In this limited space, we cannot do full justice to this topic, but I encourage you to spend some time thinking about your thoughts.  It is called metacognition for those that like a technical term.  It means thinking about our thinking.  To start with this simple practice, begin with something simple.  Something that will happen soon, like the next time the phone rings, will be ___, fill in the blank.  Try to make that happen by thinking about that person talking with you.  Have you ever called someone that you’ve been thinking about for a day or so and had them tell you, ‘I was just thinking about you?’  I just had it happen this morning.  I was going to call my sister-in-law yesterday and didn’t.  I called her today, and those were the first thoughts out of her mouth.  What is that?  The power of thinking.  Use it to bring about the change that you want in your life.

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