Being Aware of Your Thoughts

Teaching our kids to be aware of their thoughts helps to determine the direction and quality of their life.  When we encourage kids, and ourselves, to filter our thoughts more towards the pure, simple, and innocent things we in turn shape what we will see, hear, what we draw to ourselves and so much more.  I have been consciously working on this myself for a while now.  It simply requires an awareness toward what is roaming around in our head when we’re doing things like walking, waiting for someone and the like.  What do you think about?  Do you allow jealousy or envy to creep in?  By increasing our awareness in this area we can raise our level of consciousness.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t slip backward now and then.  But don’t stay there.  Once you are aware that you’re allowing negative and unwanted thoughts to take place in your mind, change the channel.  Have a word like “cancel” or a mantra type work that pulls you back to where you want to be.  “Peace” is a good one too because it helps us to relax and let go of our busy minds for a while and then we can change the channel to something else.  I like to think about my goal for the quarter and so I take that energy from the unwanted thought and transmute it up to my goal.  In that process, I have a visual in my mind’s eye that wisks the energy from negative to a higher frequency of a positive goal that I have.

The process of sliding into negative and unwholesome thoughts is a slow one sometimes.  It may just be a quick look or something you notice, then suddenly it has taken root in your mind polluting it in effect.  When we lower our standards and just allow anything to be in our reality, then that is what you’re going to see.  Have you ever purchased a new or newer vehicle, or had a friend purchase one, and then as you drive, you see that make and model everywhere you go.  Before that you were unaware that there were so many of that make and model, now you see it everywhere.  It is the same with our selves.  If we allow our mind to simply have carte blanche and think whatever it wishes, then we are in effect pulling those visuals, and eventually reality into our life.

This is such an important concept to discuss with kids because they are subject to so many opinions and gossip online and in schools.  They are literally bombarded with things that you would not want for them as a parent. Helping them to use their filter toward good things.  If you are a person of faith, then help them towards the Holy Spirit and fill themselves with the promises of God.  If that isn’t where you’re at right now, that’s fine, try using the breath.  Just stop for a minute and concentrate on your breath. When does it start?  Where does it change from the in breath to the out breath?  What does it do just before it peaks and makes that change?  When does it stop?  For how long?  There is so much to notice here and by connecting with your breath, you are connecting with the higher self which leads you to the same purity that we’re after.

As you do this, victory will fill your life.  After a while, people will notice that there is just something different about you.  They may not be able to pin it down, but they will notice healthy energy about your spirit.  I wish you well with this and hope that you will take time to work together on this with yourself and your kids.

Yours for Better Parenting,